Hipaa security assessment

With the implementation of new privacy regulations from the DHHS, everyone has the right to be informed and to control how his/her health information gets used. All HIPAA-covered entities must adhere to these regulations. Otherwise, any violation that occurs will be revealed during an audit by the Office for Civil Rights.   As far as the threat of data breach is now very high, it is no longer a question of whether it may occur or not, but it is a matter of time.   NetIntegrations, Inc. helps you avoid breaches and protect patients information by implementing the safeguards according to the demands of the HIPAA Rules, which are:
  • Privacy rule (the protection of individual health information)
  • Security Rule (the establishment of security standards for electronic personal data)
  • Breach Notification Rule (the requirements for providing notifications about any violation of unsecured data)
  • Patient Safety Rule (the safety of that part of health information that is used to determine and improve patient care)
  Our specialists offer the following IT security services:
  • on-site assessment of administrative and technical safety policies, approaches, procedures, systems and network
  • potential threats evaluation
  • internal and external vulnerability audit
  • checking the relevance of applications to the Security Rule
recommended remediation