Apple computer support

Official Apple repair and service is too expensive for you or hard to reach? Have problems with application support? Due to popularity and universality of Apple products, it is quite understandable that everyone looks for available service 24/7 in case of any trouble.   NetIntegrations, Inc. offers you full Apple computer support, including:
  • the repair of servers, workstations, laptops, tablets and much more
  • our help in setting up a new or modifying your existing network
  • working as the IT department for your company
  • app support
  When our help may be needed The well-elaborated network service infrastructure contains an automatic fallback server that is synchronized with the main one. In case of it going down, the main server will take over. Thus, OS X Server includes options that let you cluster servers together improving their reliability and efficiency.   Apart from this, OS X Servers:
  • allow you to fine-tune the network routing
  • enable Web service plug-ins
  • grant additional services, such as calendaring, VPN, centralized authentication via Open Directory, and databases like MySQL
  • provide the tools needed to easily administer the server
You can rely on us for all your APPLE or mixed environment networking and PC support needs.