Network support

With computer technologies that change constantly, one needs to have reliable network support. NetIntegrations, Inc. is taking care of the architecture, maintenance and secure operation of your network infrastructure 24/7.   Our IT support department suggests different approaches towards network functioning, which depend on owner’s needs and how complex the system is. Signing up for our services, you will receive highly experienced and continually trained computer specialists.   We help you with:
  • upgrading your computer system
  • increasing the buffer size in case of ‘slow’ server
  • the need of supporting systems
  • other IT computer problems
  What is more, NetIntegrations gives maintenance instructions for you to be able to monitor the network and run it with maximum efficiency. By using pre-determined intervals, we also help to minimize downtime.   Here is the list of our main services in network and computer support that we provide:
  • analyzing, testing and evaluating existing systems
  • repairing, supporting and training on-site
  • assisting your network remotely
  • installing and supporting hardware
  • Installing and supporting software
No matter how complex the problem is, you can be sure that our IT consultant will find the solution.