Network design

The aim of the network design is to plan the implementation of a computer network infrastructure, making it manageable and supportable; to launch a network that can adjust and scale to the requirements of new services.   A work on any system starts with scope determination. It is a vital stage in the further successful functioning of a network. By preparing a blueprint for a design we separate problematic areas and describe the scope of the project.   NetIntegrations approach to web design is to:
  • always meet customers requirements
  • assess available resources
  • identify the issues that influence both the whole network and certain parts of it
  Network design for business (small or big) includes:
  • making a logical scheme of the network
  • constructing a cabling
  • defining types, quantity and location of network devices
  • working on IP address organization
  • developing network security system
  Choosing NetIntegrations you may be sure that our fundamental tasks are to make a network:
  1. scalable: the ability to add new user groups and remote sites as well as to support a new app still keeping the same level of service to existing users;
  2. available 24/7: any problems that occur to a single link or some equipment should not influence significantly the whole working process;
  3. safe: security as a part of a network design should be developed from the beginning, not after the network is launched (the placing of filters, firewalls, and other security devices);
  4. manageable: it is important to observe the network functioning; even the most perfect network design needs professional computer support in the process.