Firewall protection

Firewall, as a web security system, keeps your network safe by filtering small units (packets) of incoming information: letting it through or discarding unknown traffic due to an applied rule set. Once connected to cyberspace, any computer constantly sends and receives data. That is why everyone needs firewall protection to keep private information like a password or bank account numbers in secret.   This protection may be software and hardware. While the first one functions as a protection from the network and prevents unauthorized access or attempted intrusions from the network, then hardware firewall (e.g. a router) averts unsecured appliance and allows exchanging trusted data among a computer and the web-sources.   The software firewall:
  • protects your computer from infected devices on your network by controlling the access on a per-application basis
  • draws your attention when an app on your device tries to connect to the Internet (you have a chance to reject the connection of the application)
The hardware firewall:
  • stays apart from a computer: it can’t be hurt with a worm (even when your software was)
  • can administer а large centrаlized network by configuring settings from a single device
  Both security systems scan and discover unknown devices and analyze a huge amount of events. It’s highly recommended to use at least one type of a firewall. All resulting logs must be accurately and constantly evaluated and sometimes specialists’ help is needed.   The NetIntegrations suggests PC support either on regular basis or as a one-time guidance. We care about the safety of your data!