Remote support

One can hardly deny the advantages of remote support service. It allows any technician to assist a customer or a partner and solve any problem as if being side-by-side. NetIntegrations, Inc. provides it on the following basis:
  • only trusted and official tools
  • cost reduction and time-saving (all transport-related expenses are reduced; no need in company’s helpdesk)
  • our partners’ convenience
  • competent specialists
  • remote hardware and software support
  The tools allow live chat, VoIP, desktop sharing, file transferring and synchronizing, command line or guest accessibility.   NetIntegrations, Inc. is trusted worldwide due to lasting reliability and increased clients’ satisfaction as the result of our professional work. It is our support that you can always count on. You do not need to wait for appropriate time. You may solve the most complicated task more effectively: faster reliably, seamlessly and securely. Connect in seconds to our IT support team and get our help immediately.