Virtualization technologies

Among several IT solutions that may significantly reduce expenses of your company, the virtualization technologies are most effective. It gives the opportunity to run multiple operating systems and applications on one server faster and at lower costs.   NetIntegrations specialists will evaluate your existing infrastructure and deploy virtual environments in order to improve your network management services:
    • network virtualization: splits up the available bandwidth into channels and makes them manageable;
    • storage virtualization: physical storage of devices from several networks into one to be managed from a central panel;
  • server virtualization: lets an application, guest operating system or data storage to be withdrawn from real underlying hardware or software by using a software layer (a hypervisor) as an emulation of underlying hardware. Thus, workloads begin to be deployed faster, performance rises, operations become automated;
  • data virtualization: remove information details like location, format, etc.;
  • desktop virtualization: makes access to a desktop more secure and portable;
  • application virtualization: separates the application layer away from the operating system.
  The advantages of using VMware and Hyper-V (MS Windows):
  • lowering costs for maintaining physical servers
  • simplifying and speeding up managed network services
  • minimizing or eliminating downtime.
  • increasing IT productivity, efficiency, agility, and responsiveness
  • launching a true Software-Defined Data Center